Sunday, April 17, 2016


Well here I sit once again in the early AM up and wide awake. Phin and Sophie are playing, more like Phin is chasing Sophie and won't leave her alone, but they are both up as well as me. I'm watching King Fu Panda on HBOGO and collecting my thoughts for the day.

We did run to Pricketts Fort yesterday with about 10 loaves of old stale bread from the Morgantown Schwebel's store to make sure that there were a number of very happy ducks and fish yesterday afternoon. We had given most of the loaves to some young children there with their parents to enjoy the day, it was an added treat for all of them to feed the very grateful ducks.

We did walk around an old grave yard next to the fort, and it was there that I found the final resting place of Colonel Zackquill Morgan, one of the early historic settlers of Monongalia County and Morgantown, his father Morgan Morgan was who Morgantown is named after.

After that we took a drive around the area on some old country roads to take out a little bit of time and just enjoy the day and the scenery. Michelle works too many hours and sometimes just needs a little calm relaxation to recharge her batteries. We drove out past Valley Falls and into Grafton before returning home for the evening.

Nothing big on the agenda today other than grocery shopping and our typical Sunday morning routine. Make sure that you get out and make the most of today, you never know how many days you have left so make the most of all of them.

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