Thursday, April 07, 2016

Happy Birthday Terri Rehmani

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my lovely Sister Terri a very Happy Birthday today.

We met Sunday morning for Brunch as a family to celebrate Terri's Birthday, all of the pictures that Michelle or I took are on Facebook. My sister Kim surprised Terri with a Miss Beasley doll, a very popular toy between the two of them during their youth. It was a good day where everyone could get together and spend a little time with family.

Terri is a very lovable person, I can't say that I have ever met anyone who has ever had the first derogatory thing to say about her, and in today's day and age that is one heck of an accomplishment. She makes everyone feel welcomed at at home any time anyone is around her. She has been a big help and inspiration to me in my life and my career and I am forever grateful that she didn't let me chicken out in 1999 from going to college.

If you happen to see this wonderful person today, make sure that you take a little time out and wish her a very happy Birthday today.

Happy Birthday Terri.

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