Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Well here I sit in a quiet household once again, it's just me and the cats who recovered from that beating by the Sandman last night and we're all up. I sometimes wonder if Phin ever I'm up early watching Freddie Got Fingered on HBO and collecting my thoughts on the day.

I'm going to go out this morning to work, but Michelle and I are planning on going out this afternoon and cooking something on some grill somewhere. Since it is such a beautiful day we just want to get out and enjoy it a little bit. No road trip planned other than loading up the small grill with some food and driving somewhere that is not here.

Michelle kind of indicated last night that she would like to go to Prickets Fort in Fairmont and take a bunch of old bread and feed the ducks down by the river. It's always a simple pleasure and a lot of fun, especially if there are a lot of ducks in the area. They are entertaining and refreshing to watch. It's something we had done and a place we have went pretty much every year we have been together.

Get out and enjoy this fabulous day.

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