Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit, waaay to early to wake up even for me, wide awake in the early AM suffering from what appears to be insomnia. I've been up for a couple of hours and am wide awake, which is rare for me at this time of the morning.

We ended up doing Christmas Shopping yesterday instead of doing our Christmas baking which we are putting off until today. Ran to Tanger Outlets and a few other places to get some Christmas Gifts.

Hayley and Josh stopped by last night and brought the newly groomed Gracie with her. She's not one who likes to sit still, but I did  manage to grab this shot of her.

Hayley did manage to put a few pictures up of her Christmas Tree. I think it looks really good, and the Santa Hat that sits atop of her tree was one that her Dad used to wear. We used to put it on top of Rich's ashes on our Mantle, but I think it has found a new home. I think her tree looks great, and we are also appreciative of her and Josh coming over when we were at work and decorating ours.

Today will actually be our baking day here at the household. Like I said yesterday we are not going to over do it this season, but it'll be nice to have some of my favorite cookies that I wait all year for in the house. It's just a chocolate chip cookie with butterscotch chips instead of Chocolate Chips. I love them and they are my all time favorite cookie.

Have a great day.

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