Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded Monday is now once again behind us and we are staring straight down the barrel of a Tuesday, good a reason as any to do a tidbits.

* It was 3,649 days ago that I graduated from WVU. (That is nearly 10 years) Wow does time fly.

* 2,250 days ago I had the distinct pleasure of taking my wife Michelle out on our first date.

* 1,474 days ago, I dropped on one knee and asked her that magical question and presented her with a ring.

* 1,011 days ago at the Marilla Center in front of our closest friends and family, we tied the knot and made it official.

* I have 6,413 days to go until I retire, give or take a few.

* In 232 more days I will post the Goodbye 2014 Blog post, this will be the one that recounts this year as seen through my blog.

* You have 226 more shopping days left until Christmas, you still have plenty of time.

* We're down to 117 days to go until our cruise. We just rebooked our hotel over the weekend and will be staying at the same one we stayed at last year. It's within walking distance to the inner harbor and right across the street from the Comic Con.

* 85 days to go until our third wedding anniversary.

* 71 days until we get together with all the Parrot Heads in Pittsburgh and party down. If anyone wants to go, there are still tickets available.

* 54 days to go until the big summer pic nic that we are going to have at Krepps Park.

* 39 days to go until Summer.

* This is my 3,639th post that I have written as a blogger, not to bad for someone who just wanted to try this thing out. Not too far from 10 years as a blogger.

* Today would have been my Dad's 69th Birthday (see earlier blog from today).

* I guess my niece Amy has some new neighbors that I guess they are not crazy about. Ralph started to build a fence around the property and is his summertime project this year.

* I was talking to Mom on Sunday and she said Terri is trying to organize a day at Idlewild Park for the family after the Pic Nic. Tickets are still available at a discounted rate for now, I say we pick a day and a go time and save the money on the tickets.

* Anyone else have any family plans or ideas for the summer? Is anybody out there or have I entered the twilight zone?

* My machine at work that was upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 a couple weeks ago, is being upgraded to Windows 8.1 so that I can test our software on the platform. I have three machines, so call it a play around machine to test on.

* Friday and Saturday East Gate is having their Community wide Garage Sale. That is this Friday and Saturday.

* I'll be taping Steelers Trivia this weekend for the KDKA Steelers Trivia Challenge again. Hopefully we'll be better prepared than last year.

* I love summertime traffic around Morgantown, students are gone and the locals can actually enjoy the roads.

* Have a great day

* Hi ho hi ho

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