Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Reflection

Here I sit once again (I'm an early riser) in the early Morning, I'm the only one to have semi recovered from a losing battle with that dreaded Sandman once again. I'm up watching something or another, getting ready to lay back down for a few more hours before I wake up and start the day.

Got a whole lot done yesterday. Started off with us buying Michelle the purple Ruger .380 that she wanted. She got a little hands on education from Moke about it and then we spent some time firing it and my gun up at Pam and George's for a few hours. Moke and Ang brought their guns so we had a couple hours of target practice and having fun.

We finally got the back patio set up and our 2014 Garden planted. We unpacked everything, power washed everything including the back patio that much needed it and set the majority of it all up. It's not complete, but we'll probably finish the rest of it up today and BBQ this evening.

It was a very productive day to say the very least. We're going to do our normal Sunday schedule this week and enjoy the day at home in the back yard.

Have a great day and fire up the BBQ grill.

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