Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit on a quiet Saturday Morning, I'm the first one to partially recover form a losing battle with that dreaded Sandman yesterday evening. I'm up watching some documentary on HBO and drinking a diet Orange Soda from my Soda Stream.

I'm probably going to do some scanning this morning, but I am contemplating laying back down for a little while before I partake in that task. Once I start, I tend to keep going, so if I want to sleep anymore, now is not the time to start LOL.

Didn't make yesterday evening's baseball game, but the Mountaineers beat Texas 5-3 here in Morgantown. Today and tomorrow will be the last games ever played at Hawley Field, so my guess is that there will be a good number of people at both games. Tomorrow's game will have $1.00 Concessions.

It's calling for rain this afternoon, of course we got the same weather report last weekend and we lucked out. Maybe we can enjoy the same luck this weekend.

Have a great day.

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