Monday, February 17, 2014

Jimmy Buffett Tickets

WOO HOO, I love this time of the year. This is the day that I battle the 30,000 other Pittsburgh Area Parrot Heads to get tickets to see Jimmy this year.

Today is the day that we buy tickets to go and once again see Jimmy Buffett this summer in Pittsburgh. This will be my 8th, Michelle's 7th, Jean's 3rd, Gary's 2nd (third really but he got lost last year) and Jerry's 2nd. Donnie and Wendy who went with us last year will also be going with us this year for the second year in a row.

The picture you see is of Jeanie who is an absolute blast to go with because she tends to make friends no matter where we go.

Whether it be her playing Beer Pong with the local frat guys in the parking lot, yes she played it the year before at her first concert.

She also manages to prepare a great feast and is a n absolute pleasure to watch at the concerts. I can honestly say that she always tends to have the time of her life when she goes. LOL

Tickets onsale at 10:00 this morning. Consider joining us.

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