Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hump Day

Well we have reached that special day, the day that if you stand on your tippy toes and look over the noon time hump you can see the dawn of another weekend off in the distance. Just on the other side of a photo flashback, do you see it?

Sometimes I find funny pictures around the internet that make you think a little, sort of the like my classic Google that I used today. I can see future generations wondering if this is how we googled in the old days I think we called them Encyclopedia Britannicas.

Since tomorrow is a Photo Flashback kind of day, I think I should point out that tomorrow is also trick or treating in the area. Hopefully East Gate does not get bombarded like we did last year when our normal average allotment of trick or treaters tripled to over a thousand kids by the candy count.

Hi ho hi ho

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