Friday, August 06, 2021

Ten Years

It was ten short years ago that my life was forever changed. At age 47 and a lifelong bachelor and one woman came into my life and changed all of that. 

It was ten years ago today, that my wonderful wife, my best friend, my soulmate forever officially came into my life as my wife. Ten years ago today in front of friends and family at the Marilla Center Michelle and I with the help of a co-worker of hers at the time, had our lives forever joined together as we became husband and wife. 

These have been the happiest ten years of my life, we've purchased two new cars (a first for both of us), we have taken to date six cruises together to the Caribbean. We traveled to Niagara Falls, St Louis a couple of times, and even San Diego two years ago and we did it all together. 

We have seen Hayley grow up and into an amazing young woman and witnessed her entering her journey into blissful matrimony just two short months ago. 

This amazing young woman has given me an amazing life the past ten years as Husband and Wife. The luckiest day of my life is the day that she walked into it and then walked back into it again years later. 

Michelle, I love you with all my heart and you completed the part of my life that was empty. These ten years have been absolutely amazing, here is to the next ten years topping thse ten years. 

Happy Ten Year Anniversary. 

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