Monday, August 30, 2021

On the Road Again

All good things must come to an end, that includes those fun-filled things we refer to as weekends. In my case it also means me being home working for the last two months, now I'll be traveling until October. It was nice while it lasted, but now I'm having to travel to other places to work. 

Michelle will be holding down the fort at home and taking care of the animals, and I'll be up working in the northern panhandle once again this week. New segments so I'm kind of excited that I can be knocking on new doors instead of going back to places we have already visited as many as ten times and can't get anyone home. I should be home later this week, I'll be around Cabelas up in Wheeling all week and maybe the next couple of weeks. I like working the panhandle. 

WVU Football season begins this week as well. Saturday the Mountaineers travel to College Park Maryland to play the Maryland Turds or Terrapins or whatever they call themselves. I'm ready for some football to start. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

Hi ho hi ho

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