Sunday, August 15, 2021


Here I on a quiet Sunday morning, I'm up contemplating with Kiwi how we can use the killer ostrich to scare all of the college students who have just returned back to Morgantown and made traffic horrible. Kiwi says he has a cousin Oliver the Ostrich who has a bit of a vicious side and he works for popcorn of all things. If you see this Ostrich running around Morgantown, run as he is a killer. 

It's a day off for Michelle and me, we need an alibi for when Oscar goes on his rampage. A little early morning trip to Krogers to do the weekly shopping, come home and do a few weekly chores, and we are calling it a day. We've earned it and Sunday afternoon is the only time we have together where we are not tied up doing something else.

Did anyone drive around town yesterday, the students are definitely back and a bunch of the town newbies don't know how to navigate the roads like the locals just yet. Give them time, they'll get the hang of it. 

My niece Amy had an honor this past weekend, some of the pics she took of her trip to Amish County were put on display by the Ohio Amish Country Group on Facebook. I've always said she is one hell of a photographer. Congratulations Amy. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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