Sunday, July 18, 2021


Here I sit out here all alone, Peanut seems to have abandoned me with her co-authorship and has forced me to come up with my own brilliant ideas and content. Oh well, the TV is on for noise, don't ask me what is playing as I never pay attention anymore.

I did find a really nice free website that literally has hundreds of channels and could actually replace the cable. I ran across it this week while I was working, someone was watching the app through their Roku and told me to check it out. So I went to PlutoTV and I have to say it is worth a bookmark or a download onto your Roku or streaming device or just watch it through your computer. It has both Live TV and on-demand and once again it is all free, you don't even need an account. 

Not working today, I'm taking the day off. Michelle is off and I thought it would be a great day for me to take a break and then hit it hard this coming week doing fieldwork. I have to say this quarter is starting out as my best quarter ever. Never had a start like this, and I have a feeling they will once again keep me busy this quarter. Got off to a little bit of a rocky start with my new supervisor, but I think she is being shown I'm a huge asset to the team so things have smoothed out a little. 

This past week has been a busy one with head hunters and job opportunities that have been presented. They are basically all contract jobs, but they are all lengthy as in over two years in length and pay pretty decent. I've been shortlisted (when they go through the resumes and make a yes and a no pile, yes pile meaning shortlisted and the no pile being thank you but no thank you) on a couple of them and I feel pretty good about something breaking. Of course, I've felt good about a number of situations, so we'll have to wait and see. Both could be remote positions (work from home) specifically needing my skillset of editing geospatial data. 

Grocery shopping today and then probably relaxing for the rest of the day, so it could be a relaxing day with a nap planned out at some time in the day. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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