Sunday, July 11, 2021


Here I sit on a quiet Sunday Morning, I'm out here with Peanut discussing Cat Physics and how high she can jump while texting on her Cat Phone. She insists it does not inhibit her ability for maximum height. I've got the TV playing in the background, I think I do that to cover up my own snoring. 

We had a pretty busy day yesterday. It started off with Michelle picking up Hayley's wedding ring after they had it resized. She has such tiny fingers that it fits on Michelle's pinky finger. 

From there it was off to Mom and Geralds to hook her glucose monitor up to her iPhone via bluetooth so her logs will go to her phone. Michelle went through some old diabetic supplies she had and found 400 test strips that are associated with her brand of meter. Gerald was looking good, he was sorting through a tub of pictures of things through the years. He looks good and appears to be getting around much better now. 

From there it was a trip to the Mall for Michelle to go to JC Penny's to look for a couple of things that she needs. We both love Penney's and it's the store we buy the majority of our clothes from. 

Then it was off to the University Towne Center and a quick visit to first WalMart and then to Sam's Club. I usually do that part of the shopping later in the week, but since I was out listing last week I wasn't able to get around to it. 

Our Sunday plans, our normal grocery shopping and household chores. 

Have youselves a great day. 

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