Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit once again in a quiet household, I had a nice long day working yesterday so it's nice for some quiet time. Peanut is running around here somewhere, she might be back in bed with Michelle as I sit out here and collect my thoughts for the day.

I'm out working again as I plan on not working tomorrow and relaxing. I'll hit it hard next week and I have a lot of other segments to address so I have to pace myself. 

Michelle is going to finish up laundry and I think she is heading up north to help plan Gigi's 100th Birthday Party that they were planning on throwing. She passed this spring, but we are all still celebrating the day with a party, I think she would have loved that. 

Other than that, no big plans for the weekend. 

Have yourselves a great Day

Hi ho hi ho

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