Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit on a quiet Saturday morning, Peanut is becoming too complacent on this co-blogger thing. I may have to lay her off and look to Kiwi to be my co-author, but he's a bit of a bird brain and  Peanut does work for treats. 

Speaking of working, both Michelle and I are working today. She'll be heading over to her job for the first of her alternating Saturdays. I'll be heading down to Fairmont one last time as I have that segment pretty much worked down and will be trying to finalize a few stragglers left before moving to a new segment. Next week I'll be working just outside of town, over by Lakeview and out in that area. Not sure I'll get the positive reception I got where I just worked, but I am kicking butt this quarter snd we're just a little over a week into it. 

After Michelle and I get off work, it's up to Amy and Ralphies new home for a housewarming. This will be our first trip to their new home. They have all busted their butts making this happen and Ralphie is one hell of a man who was driven to do this. Much respect for both of them and the kinds. 

We had a busy and productive day yesterday to say the least. All the shopping we had to get done was done, Michelle went to town on the lawn tractor and cut all the grass and tomorrow is going to be a day of relaxation. 

Have yourselves a great day, hopefully, I'll see a few of you today if I'm lucky. 

Hi ho hi ho

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