Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit back home and still having four cats here one more day. Hayley and Tyler have returned home from San Diego, but have not made it to Morgantown yet to pick up their furry friends from their honeymoon. Me, I'm up early collecting my thoughts and trying to wake up.

Michelle is loving her job, she's only been there a week so far but is absolutely is another person who is much more fulfilled than she was just sitting around looking for jobs. You can see that pep in her step and the excitement on her face, she is much happier and it's quite obvious. 

So what to do with a weekend, a weekend when we are both off work. I'm not working again until Monday, where I will be working more locally, but for another Field Supervisor in Pennsylvania. I'll be up in Republic PA until the end of the quarter in about 10 days. This will be my first time working out of state, as my team is West Virginia and Ohio, going across the border will be me working for another Field Supervisor while I'm on assignment there. The good news is I can drive back and forth and sleep at home every night. 

So what's on our agenda today, to cut the number of felines in the household in half. That way we can open the back door and let Peanut have some outside time, Kiwi is kind of excited about going out again as well. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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