Monday, June 28, 2021


Here go again, a new work week and a new set of challenges that are upon us. It's time to get up and take on the world once again doing what it is that we do for a living. 

After moving offices on Friday, Michelle is pretty much going to be in her new location today. They are still doing some construction on it, but they are moved in and can function businesswise from the new location. Like any move, they still need to get the old location cleaned up for the next tenant that will be coming in in the near future. 

Me I'm back off to Republic Pa, or north of it for a few days until Wednesday. Wednesday is the end of the quarter and the last day that we can conduct any interviews, if they are not done by Wednesday then they lost their opportunity as that is the hard date as to where the statistics will be based on and new challenges and new locations await us in Quarter 3. 

Kiwi enjoyed a nice day outside yesterday, that was a first for him in a few weeks. We were watching Hayley's cats as they were on their Honeymoon and couldn't open the door as they are inside cats. Now that they are gone and Michelle and I were both home yesterday, Kiwiw was outside singing the song of his people. That and calling me an asshole.

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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