Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday Morning Ranmblings

Here I sit yet once again in a quiet household, I woke up early to drain the bladder and plan on laying back down. I've got the King of Staton Island playing in the background as I wait for my co-author to end her work stoppage and come and assist me once again. I thought negotiations were going pretty well. 

I start my final two days of doing contact tracing today and tomorrow. I thought they may extend us and even hoped so, but that was not to be and we have completed our contract with Partners in Health as of tomorrow. We worked through the Holiday surge and helped them get through the large influx of numbers. I will say I will kind of miss it, it was fun interacting with people and not worrying about someone slamming a door in your face. 

Other than that Michelle was a little under the weather yesterday. She wasn't feeling good from the moment that she woke up. I've got her coffee pot all set up and all she had to do was grind her beans yesterday and turn it on, but she must not have felt well enough last night to do that as there are no ground beans in the basket. 

No plans for the day other than working, so have a great day.

Hi ho hi ho                                       

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