Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit in a quiet household, I'm out here flying solo once again as Peanut is still in negotiations for her contract to by my co-author, her Attorney's are playing hardball and are making negotiations pretty difficult. I'll try to do my best without her. Not sure what is playing on the TV as I'm laying back down as soon as I write this. 

My plans for the day will be to start another week of doing Contact Tracing, I think I'm starting to get pretty good at this although we are starting our last two weeks unless we are extended beyond January 30. We were brought in to work the surge and we're doing a pretty good job of it however, it is a State Funded project, and that short-term contract is probably going to be winding down here in 14 days for our staff. 

I think Danni and Roy are coming into town this weekend to help Michelle and Chris celebrate their birthdays yesterday. Michelle will have to fly solo on that one if there are any dinner plans as my work schedule is from 11:30 - 8:00 every day. Hayley did surprise Michelle with delivery from Edible Arrangements yesterday It caught her off guard and she wasn't expecting that. I personally thought she was getting suspicious as I knew it was coming and changed the batteries of both the doorbell down here and at the door. 

Have yourselves a great day today, enjoy your weekend as much as I just enjoyed mine. 

Hi ho hi ho

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