Saturday, January 09, 2021

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit on a quiet Saturday morning, the start of the traditional weekend for some and the start of a new work week for me. I'm out here without Peanut-who is off sleeping somewhere in parts unknown to me. I'm out here watching who knows what on the boob tube and collecting my thoughts for the day. 

I start the next five days of working once again after having the last couple of days off. I'm refreshed and ready to hit it heard on today and meet new and exciting people who may need some assistance with COVID and quarantining. 

Obviously, no plans for me today other than working, that 11:30 - 8:00 Schedule kind of makes it hard to really plan to do much of anything, but I'm not complaining one bit, to be honest. 

The WVU Men's Basketball team plays host to #4 Texas this afternoon at 1:00. I think this will be the 3rd time this season we have played a top 4 team in the country. Gonzaga and Kansas being the first two and the schedule doesn't get any easier when we take on #2 Baylor on Tuesday. Talk about a murderer's row for a schedule, and we're not even in mid-January yet. The women take on the #17th ranked Longhorns tonight at 6:00 here in Morgantown, a few hours after the Men's game ends. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

Hi ho hi ho

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