Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Morning Ranblings


Here I sit in a quiet and a little chili household, I think I checked the temperature and it is 39° outside, I'm here collecting my thoughts for the day and watching who knows what on the boob tube. 

The good news for the day is simply this, I am not waiting on a ship trying to get off so I can start the long drive back to Morgantown, because this is the day our cruise would have returned to Baltimore. So we don't have to worry about debarking. 

Plans for the day, grocery shopping and our weekly chores are once again on our agenda. It's week 2 of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing this afternoon at 1:00 against the Denver Bronco's. This will be the first home game and the first Sunday afternoon game for the Steelers this season after Monday Nights win in New York. 

Looking at the week ahead, Michelle will be working in Charleston Tuesday-Thursday this week which means your truly will be home flying solo and holding the fort down. Has to do with the new software that they have purchased and are starting to implement company wide. Their CPA is on staff and in Charleston and has also been training on the with the same software with Michelle. I can't remember if Michelle told me that they are going to be going through training together or starting to set up the companies (yes they are multiple companies Xtreme Labor, XLS Pro and I think Michelle talked about another one they are going to kick off) in the software. 

Have yourselves a great day today, stay warm, enjoy some Football and go Steelers. 

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