Monday, September 21, 2020


 All good things must come to an end and that does include those fun filled things we refer to as the weekends, now it is time to take those collective noses and stick them back onto the grindstone for another fun filled week of doing what it is we all do for a living. 

Not only is the weekend over today, but today is the last official day of Summer. Tomorrow begins the September Equinox or Fall as we all have come to know it. So enjoy your last day of summer today, for tomorrow the pumpkin spice and the smell of fall. Leaves will start to change color and it will be the most beautiful time of the year here in Appalachia, some people love this time of the year, I'm on the other end of the spectrum and like the Springtime. 

Looking at the week ahead, Michelle will be traveling for work for a few days this week. She'll be staying in Charleston and will be leaving tomorrow morning and will return on Thursday. 

I'll miss her but Sophie, Peanut and the full of personality Kiwi will all keep me company in her absence. We might even have an outside day or two as Dad tries to mow the grass once more this summer. Time is getting short for grass mowing and I know Michelle want's to ride around on the mower, we were going to do it yesterday but it was a little cold and she is still recovering. 

Enjoy your day and your last day of Summer. 

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