Monday, September 28, 2020

Just Another Manic Monday

This is not going to be your typical Monday, especially in Monongalia County. The weekend is over with and we are about to start another week, but this one is different than we have seen in the past. 

Today in Monongalia County there is going to be chaos, fear, excitement and a whole slew of emotions that have not been felt in some time. West Virginia University will for the first time since March resume in person classes. Students will actually be in the classrooms as opposed to virtual learning. Due to COVID, WVU has not been in the classrooms since before Spring Break. 

To add to the chaos, Monongalia County Schools are now green according to the School alert system that was put out Saturday. The one Saturday reflects how county school systems will approach the coming week and we are now Green. That means kids will be back in classrooms and athletics have the go ahead to continue. 

I did speak with my niece Amy who works in the school system, she said they are going to restart on Thursday with half the kids and then on Friday with the other half of the kids. Kind of using a staggered approach to returning them to the classroom. 

Michelle will resume her Physical Therapy this week after being on the road last week. She is making strides in leaps and bounds and is recovering nicely. She is a trooper and hates not having full use us her wrist and is working her butt off to get it back to normal. 

Have yourselves a great day and be careful when traveling around town, traffic is probably going to increase exponentially today with everything that is going on.  


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