Monday, September 14, 2020


All good things must come to an end, and that does include the first football weekend of the year. Now it is time to once again get back to doing what it is that we do for a living.

Michelle is still working at home due to her office still being renovated. Our living room has taken over as her office, as they are still working on the the Goff Building and getting everything ready.

Kids in Monongalia County will once again be doing remote learning this week, with our COVID-19 numbers still very much in the Red on Saturday, that means this week will once again be remote learning. Personally I think they should just declare the first 9 weeks remote and quit having parents have to worry from week to week. I have a feeling it could extend even longer than that, but small steps would be of assistance.

Michelle is starting her second week of Physical Therapy after breaking her wrist last month. It's a slow recovery process but she is a trooper and on her way back. She is now sleeping without the protective brace she has worn every night since breaking it. They told her it may be this spring before her wrist gets completely back to normal, but she's working on it. She is an amazing woman to say the least.

Have a great day, it's Monday continue your path to world domination.

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