Sunday, June 28, 2020


Goff Building
Here I sit yet once again, Peanutless and without my co-author, so I'm going to try to put my brain in high gear as I'm flying solo this morning. I'm up streaming some Gordon Ramsey show (something about 24 hours) and collecting my thoughts for the day.

Yesterday Michelle and I went to the Goff Building in Clarksburg to see how her office is coming along, they are really doing a great job on it and I realized that her office with her big storefront window (her office used to be a bank) looks out into the street and will basically be the prime location when they have the next Italian Heritage Festival in Clarksburg. The headquarters for it is right across the street and they are right next door to the Courthouse where the main stage is always placed.  Her Office (they bought the entire building) is the lower left front of the image.

On the way back from Clarksburg we stopped at Almost Heaven Desserts in Bridgeport for some treats. I got some Canolli's and they were by far the best I have ever had. This place is amazing, expensive but quite amazing. I guess they are the ones that supply all the desserts to Oliverios Restaurants.

It rained yesterday and it looks like it is going to be similar today, so our grass still has not been cut, but we'll get around to it eventually. It's not a tedious task like it used to be.

Have a great and relaxing Sunday.

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