Saturday, June 06, 2020


Here I sit on a quiet Saturday Morning, actually twister is playing on the boob tube so that is not completely true. My Co-author who was up earlier is now sequestered somewhere and back to sleep for a while.

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day to say the least. I worked for RTI and got my first of four segments listed. I'll take the weekend off and tackle the largest segment on Monday, one that is actually in the middle of the state.

We had some guests yesterday, Ashley, Christopher, Lilly and the unforgetable Rock Star Rocky stopped by for a  visit. They moved to I think South Carolina a couple of years ago and they stopped yesterday afternoon as they are back in the area for a few days. I however was out running an errand and missed them.

Afterwards Hayley stopped by as she was in town. I don't think I have seen here since we were looking at wedding venues together. This Corona Virus has taken a big toll on visitations.

Today, Michelle and I will be running to Rural king to get some food for our wild aviary friends who always stop by for a visit at one of our many feeders in the back yard. Still haven't seen any hummingbirds yet, but they'll start showing up sometime. Other than that the day is ours.

Have a great day, make it memorable.

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