Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday Morning Peanutless Ramblings

Here I sit once again in a quiet Household, my co-author Peanut is still in bed and I am once again flying solo this morning. I have something streaming on TUBI on the TV behind me, but not sure what it is as I'm still waking up.

Not sure if we have any plans for the day, I know we haven't cut grass in a few weeks, but it's still really not that high due to the lack of rainfall recently. Then again with the high probability of rain this weekend that may just have to wait.

Not sure if our bi-weekly trip to Rural King to get bird food is warranted yet, Michelle bought three bags the last time we went and those little aviary slobs have been sharing with squirrels, chipminks, Groundhogs and a few other animals. I think we are starting to develop a zoo in the back yard. Yesterday morning I had to hold Peanut as I let her out as there were so many animals near the door when I let her out. She's protective of her territory and I gave them a head start to get away from our little co-author/hunter feline queen.

Have yourselves a great day and stay safe, this COVID-19 is starting to spike again.

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