Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Fathers Day

Here I sit on a quiet Father's Day Morning, my co-author and cat daughter is more worried about if there are any treats in her bowl and if the patio door is open so she take take her butt outside and frolic.

Father's Day is another holiday (along with Mother's Day) whose origins are from North Central West Virginia. The first observance of it was in Fairmont, West Virginia even though Spokane Washington tries to lay the claim to it, even though the Fairmont Service pre-dates it.

Anyways Happy Father's Day to all the special Dad's out there today, my Dad is no longer around but he is still remembered on this day as he helped father a total of six of us, who now all have spoken to each other one way or the other. Jonathan and Gary spoke on the phone last week and that we the last sibling that had to connect to the long lost one.

No big plans for the day, I think we are going to cookout on the grill and just enjoy time with our feline and aviary kids.

Have a great day.

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