Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit on a quiet Saturday Morning, I'm up a little later than  normal, but still awake before everyone else. I'm watching Beerfest and collecting my thoughts for the day.

It's going to be another busy one for me today. Michelle is heading to Charleston this morning for an event her company is holding for the YWCA. Everyone from her office is heading south for the event this evening. She'll return sometime tomorrow morning/afternoon.

Jim and Chris are having their Coca Cola Memorabilia and Coins auction at the Woodland United Methodist Church this evening. A listing of some of the items up for auction are posted HERE. It begins at 6:00 PM this evening, don't miss it.

My day, I'm back out in the field trying to get some interviews this morning and this afternoon for RTI. I'm still working here but I have two segments a county down and I just found out yesterday she wants me to travel to the county to the east on the far end to do some cleanup work. I'm doing what I can do, and that is about all I can do. I've had other commitments this past week including a Softball game, attending my High School Wrestling Coaches Funeral and taking my wife out for our Anniversary. This evening I'm taking a turn of taking my Mother home from the hospital where Gerald has been for a few weeks after I finish working and laundry.

It's going to be a busy one to say the least, not to mention I have to write all of next weeks blogs (I always do it on Saturday) this afternoon. We'll get it all done, as this is the second of three traveling weekends for Michelle. She returns to Charleston Thursday night and then goes to Letart Falls for a Family reunion on Saturday to distribute her Grandmothers ashes.

Did I mention that next weekend is Move In weekend for the WVU students? Where did the Summer go?

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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