Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit later in the morning, Michelle went to bed after me and woke up before me so I'm a bit of a slacker today so far. We're up and she's drinking a cup of coffee and I'm trying to collect my thoughts on the day ahead.

I have to start out this blog by mentioning the passing of a long time friend and softball team mate. "Big Ed" Hetrick I found out yesterday morning had moved on to the Softball team upstairs and I'll say they got themselves a great guy. Ed and I had played on the Heiskell and King teams, the Sports Page Teams and he was even a member of the Recourse Teams. A big hearted guy who everyone seemed to gravitate to, he will be missed.

Today Michelle is going to Babysit Luke for a few hours as everyone seems to be working. I have to go out on the field for RTI both today and tomorrow and will be starting my other segment today. I've made two + passes through the segment close to here, now it's tome to start on the other one so that is will be my weekend.

Try to stay warm today as we are calling for snow later this afternoon and this evening, my wife loves snow where I on the other hand rarely express my feelings about the stuff especially on this blog.

Hi ho hi ho

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