Sunday, December 03, 2017


Here I sit in a quiet household, I'm the first one here to recover from getting knocked out by the Sandman last night and I'm up early watching the Sandlot and checking all the scores from yesterday.

Both Michelle and I had a productive day yesterday, her and Chad baked a few Christmas cookies and I went out and knocked out a section for RTI. I don't think I am returning today, there are only two residences to hit and one is one that I doubt that anyone is there, and the other simply said not thank you previously. I was able to complete any outstanding work that was still pending. Possibly my last time out before I have to get re-certified next month in St. Louis.

We did go to Michelle's Christmas Party last night at the Hotel Morgan. Ironically that was only the second time I had ever been in that hotel and Michelle's first. I was there for a dinner a few years ago when I worked on the three country NACAP effort with leaders from Mexico and Canada.It was a nice party, but Michelle knew very few people there as it was mostly Longview Employees and just a handful of MEPCO employees. They gave her a nice blanket as a Christmas gift.

Shopping and laundry today, typical Sunday before we start it all over again tomorrow.

Have yourselves a special day.

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