Saturday, December 02, 2017

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit on a quiet Saturday Morning, the house still emanates of Banana Nut Bread and Banana Bread that Michelle baked yesterday. I'm up early watching nothing on the boob tube and collecting my thoughts for the day.

I'm out early this morning to travel for work, I'm going to go and do a little bit of clean up of another FI's section and she is taking mine to do cleanup. This is when we go back to the refusals and see if they have changed their mind. I should be down there at least today and probably tomorrow as I can't make it out next weekend due to scheduled travel to Ohio.

Michelle baked somewhere around 45-50 leaves of bread yesterday and today will start concentrating on baking cookies. Her and Chad had a lot of fun yesterday baking, they can do it again today with the Christmas cookies. Talk about a hard time to be trying to lose weight and control your blood

This evening Michelle and I will be going to her company Christmas Party at the Hotel Morgan. This will be our first of two company Christmas Parties this month for us. My company AECOM is having a luncheon at work in a couple of weeks and my old company Sextant, has invited us for their company Christmas Party on the 21st.

Needless to say both Michelle and I will have busy days.

Have yourself a great day and thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes, it was overwhelming.

Hi ho hi ho

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