Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit in a quiet household, May is here for a visit as we are dog sitting a few days as Hayley's cat just had surgery. I'm up early watching Gran Torino and collecting my thoughts on the day.

Sammy has been hanging with Yoda Claus as of late, I think these two are in cahoots and are planning some kind of attack on us sometime today. The new Star Wars movie is out, and I am a Star Wars geek and confess that I would like to see it sometime in the very near future.

It has actually been a few days since I have actually written a blog, I basically wrote all of my Goodbye 2017 blog last weekend with the exception of this month and kept going. I've changed when I write my blog to allow myself a little more time for creativity. Usually I am a day ahead of the publishing, but this past week I was two days ahead and haven't written anything since Wednesday.

Our plans for the day include us heading up North to  go to Harry's Butcher Shop on 857. If you are going to buy fresh meat, this is the best that I have found in the area. It's a small family owned business and he does a lot of processing, the retail side is just a very small portion of his business.

Michelle has the honor of a three day weekend, but I am working Monday and will have the following weekend as a three day weekend. Then things get really busy as I head to St. Louis after the first of the year and will probably be very busy the first month of the quarter. I was even asked to travel during one of the holiday weekends back to Paw Paw during either the weekend of MLK day.

Have yourselves a great day and make the very most of it.

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