Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve

Here I sit in a quiet household, it doesn't appear that anyone else is awake and I'm sitting here watching something on the boob tube and collecting my thoughts for the day.

Although I have had my flu shot this year, I'm starting to develop a case of the crud in my chest, not exactly something I need or want at this time, hopefully it doesn't develop into too much as I am going to be busy for a while after this weekend.

Today Michelle and I are going to do our weekly shopping, we want to get to the University Town Center before the mad rush and it gets ridiculous. I was up there yesterday after work, and there were a lot of cars and people in the area. Probably the last minute shopping procrastinators making sure that they have all of their shopping done.

After that we are going to Enterprise Rent a Car to get a car for Chad, he's heading up north for the weekend to visit Jon and Laura and watch the kids open up their Christmas gifts. Followed by wrapping the rest of our gifts and placing them under the tree to give that Christmas feel.

Chad finally sold his snake this past week, he has been trying to sell it for some time, but I guess no one wanted a 15' long Python that eats 30 lb rabbits twice a month. He did finally find a buyer and the guy came up from Beckley to pick it up. Chad has raised it basically from an egg, it just got a little too big for him to keep (space wise).

Have yourselves a great day today and Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

Ho ho ho ho

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