Saturday, October 07, 2017


Here I sit on a semi-quiet Saturday morning, Michelle and I are both up and ready to start our days.I'm up watching who knows what on the TV (I Think it is Hope Floats) She is playing with a Bose Soundlink Micro that we bought for her last night for her office so she can listen to music at work.

I'll be heading out and traveling this morning to do some field work, so this will be my seventh straight day working, however Michelle and I are going to the Steelers game tomorrow and Monday is Columbus Day (A Federal Holiday) so I might just take the day off from doing field work as well to recover from tomorrows game.

Being that we are traveling tomorrow and I am working today, my lovely wife gets to do our Sunday Grocery Shopping without me this weekend. With a change in jobs we changed roles in Sams Club Shopping, it used to be me doing it on Fridays while she was working later, now that has flipped I she gets off work when I used to and I get off work later in the day when she used to so we switched roles on Fridays. I guess my job as the home sous chef was downsized so the chef could take over the evening cooking duties as well. It has definitely been a year of change for the both of us.

I hope everyone has a great day today, I'll be missing the WVU Football game but that's OK, I feel what I am doing has purpose and maybe it is more important than a game I can catch up on in a box score.

Hi ho hi ho

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