Monday, October 09, 2017

Columbus Day

I am lucky as I work at a Federal Facility and today is a Federal Holiday called Columbus Day. Meaning they pay me to stay home and relax and not have to go to work. You got to love it when things like this happens. Ironically the first place many experts believe was Christopher Columbus's first stop was Grand Turk, which is usually the first stop on all of the cruises that we have been on.

After yesterdays Steeler game and working two jobs,  I think I am going to enjoy a little rest and relaxation from both jobs today and do some things around the house and or town and just generally take it easy and make it a me day. Not sure what I will get into, I need to make at least one phone call to the Physicians Office Center, but other than that I plan on it being as boring of a day as possible as tomorrow things get hectic again.

Michelle on the other hand, has to work today as does a lot of America. I know there are some companies at work who have to work today, but they are more site support and network type things. I'm one of the lucky ones who is off.

Have yourself a great day today, I plan on it.

Hi ho......not today.

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