Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Rest in Peace Abdul Rehmani

This past Friday I got some disheartening news about a great man. Our extended family lost one it's most intelligent and cultured man. Abdul was an amazing man and he spoke seven different languages, built successful businesses on other continents only to have it stolen from him by corrupt regimes. Nothing ever seemed to stop the man and if he was anything he was always determined and planning his next step.

Abdul leaves behind his lovely wife Farida, two daughters in Samira and Nasrin and one son in Nihat or Nick as we all have come to know him.

Funeral services will be held today in Richmond Virginia as they are making sure he is buried as the is being buried as his faith Ismailism dictates. This was the closest facility that could follow his faith and enter him into his final resting place.

I have numerous fond memories of this great man, whether it be sitting and having very intellectual conversations with the man where I walked away enlightened with a wealth of knowledge that I did not previous know, or just talking about the simple things.

Abdul was a very self motivated man, when he wanted to learn a discipline (such as computers) he would be relentless and not only know how to do something, but why you do it and the consequences of doing in an alternative way. He did this on purpose as he wanted to fully understand everything. He was actually Cisco Certified, something he did later in life.

Anytime I ever sat down and spoke with the man, I always felt I walked away a better man and enlightened due to the time we had spent together. I could always get a perspective that I did not know or only imagined, especially in todays troubling times. Abdul was always the voice of reason and I consider myself a better man from knowing him.

My condolences goes out to Farida, Nick, Nasrin, Samira and all of their immediate families and friends during this time of mourning. You all have mine and Michelle's love, thoughts and prayers during this time.

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