Saturday, September 02, 2017

Road Trip

My wonderful wife and I are off for a Road Trip to Amish Country in Ohio later this morning. We're going to go out today and even spend the night out there staying in a Suite at the Berlin Resort.

We chose this place to stay for a couple of reasons, one it is pretty much centrally located to every place we may be going and the room itself has a Jacuzzi which is something Michelle really wanted and I'm not going to argue against it. I am looking forward to relaxing in it later tonight.

I have made a map of some of our favorite places that we like to visit in Amish Country. There are other places that we have visited, but these are are favorites that we have went to. The last time we went out there we were determined to find new places that we had never been to before and we were more than successful at that and found a few places we loved and added to this list.

We'll do a little more exploring today and see if there are any other places we can add to our map. Last time we were out there we ventured out and found a few places that we are wanting to go back and revisit.

Have yourselves a great day today, live it to its fullest and make some memories.

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