Wednesday, September 27, 2017

5,001 a Blog Odyssey

And it begins. Since yesterday was the day I celebrated my first 5,000 posts, I am now working on my next 5,000 posts and it all starts with post number 5,001.

It's also hump day and the middle of the work week, so there is that as Let's just get up and over this noon time hump and it's all downhill as we work towards another fun filled weekend. I will be off Saturday, but Sunday it all begins again working for RTI on our final quarter for 2017.

The Preston County Buckwheat Festival begins tomorrow. I would like to make it up, I love Buckwheat cakes, so we shall see how that all turns out. I love buckwheat cakes and the ones I ate last week in Maryland were kind of Gnasty and with a capital G. I know Michelle likes looking at all the crafts, but she is not a Buckwheat Cake eater, so maybe we'll make a deal that is beneficial to both.

Have yourselves a great day, do something worthwhile.

Hi ho hi ho

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