Saturday, September 03, 2016

It's Gameday

Here I sit yet one again in a quiet household, this is the quiet before the start of the storm that is known as college football. I'm up collecting my thoughts for the day and have no idea what is on the TV behind me.

Today is the start of the College Football Season here in Morgantown. The West Virginia Mountaineers kick off their season today against the Missouri Tigers here at Milan Puskar Stadium.

The Sea of RV's is already here and I'm sure that there will be people walking around soon with the "I Need Tickets" signs trying to buy up all the extra tickets to resell them later this morning. The Pride of West Virginia is probably starting to assemble at the stadium for their pre-game rehearsal before coming back in their uniforms. Tailgates and traffic will be main thing we see this morning, all coming into town and preparing for today's noon time game.

I am ready for the start of college football.

Go Mountaineers.

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