Saturday, September 10, 2016

Travel Day and Start of Vacation

As Michelle and I embark upon our fifth Cruise and enjoy our vacation, I will also be taking a little break as a blogger and writing some pre-written canned blogs. You can check more of what we are into on mine or Michelle's Facebook Page.

Today Michelle and I will jump on the interstate and spend this evening in Baltimore Maryland. We will be staying at the same hotel we stayed at the first year, as the one we have had booked the last three is completely booked up and unavailable.

We are probably not going to run down to the Inner Harbor this year, we've seen it enough times that the excitement is gone. Guy Fieri has a Kitchen and Bar that we have reservations at Saturday Night. Caesars has a casino next door to our hotel, when we stayed there a few years ago it was an empty lot.

Wish us Luck.

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