Sunday, September 11, 2016

Embarkation Day

As Michelle and I embark upon our fifth Cruise and enjoy our vacation, I will also be taking a little break as a blogger and writing some pre-written canned blogs. You can check more of what we are into on mine or Michelle's Facebook Page.

Well today is Embarkation Day, this is when all of the people who are on my ship right now get off and we get to get on the ship. This is the day we go through customs and sit and wait. We'll get on the ship around 1:30 and about 4:00 we'll have the required safety briefing that you have to sit through before you go out in the Ocean. It's just the standard requirement you do before every cruise.

It's going to be a day of waiting, but this is where the fun begins.

Tonight we will have our first dinner on the ship and we will get to meet the other couple with whom we will be dining throughout the cruise. We have been blessed to have dined with some great couples on each cruise, each of which we have remained in contact with.

Bon Voyage

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