Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Return Home Day at Sea

As Michelle and I embark upon our fifth Cruise and enjoy our vacation, I will also be taking a little break as a blogger and writing some pre-written canned blogs. You can check more of what we are into on mine or Michelle's Facebook Page.

You can follow us on either the Front Web Cam, the Aft Webcam or just simply be tracking our location.

Well today is what I usually call the most boring day of the trip. This is after you have already hit your three Ports of Call and are on your way back to Baltimore. We'll be coming at the Atlantic Coast hugging the shelf on this return trip. Today is a day of sales on the ship. It's almost comical to watch these ladies fight for these trinkets. Today is also the Groove for St, Jude day, were they will be selling these T-shirts and all the proceeds will go to St Judes Hospital.

We will be listening to our cruise director all day telling us about tomorrows debarkation and we will get one final song and dance from our dinner waitstaff. I can't say enough about these people, they are what makes the cruise so much fun.

This is our last full day on the boat, I'll be sunning, relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow.

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