Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit in a semi -quiet household, oh who am I fooling Michelle has been up way before me and I have slept in this morning. I must still be in cruise mode and still think I am on

Are you ready for some Football today? WVU has traveled to DC today and will be playing the BYU Cougars in the first ever meeting between the two schools. Game is at 3:30 this afternoon, be sure to tune in watch, this could be a very good and a very competitive game between the two schools.

Well Michelle and I have ordered our new iPhones, we are both getting the 7 Plus's with the 256 GB HD's. Believe it or nit AT&T is giving me $650 in credits for one of my old ones (one per customer) when our new ones ship in late October. It does kind of suck having to wait so long, but we are getting what we want and since we both are getting the larger phones will have to wait. We did both buy a pair of Beats Solo2's that work through bluetooth just the same as ear pods for our new phones. Michelle got the Rose Gold to match her new iPhone and her iWatch and I got the Gold one to match my new iPhone. These things are amazing and have been designed to work with the iPhone.

October 8th I think we are going to have a little family get together, we're going to get some Pumpkins and get together and carve them up and decorate them. Michelle can get everyone a great price as BFS just bought $10,000 worth of them. If you want in just let us know so we can make arrangements.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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