Monday, September 26, 2016

Just Another Manic Monday

Well I knew that this day would come, I've managed to avoid working the past three Mondays due to the Holiday and our Vacation time. Now I have to get back at it and finally have to acknowledge that another work filled Monday has fallen upon me once again. I had a good

Well I guess this is a start of a long stretch of time where I will be working both my jobs for a while, my regular career it's just business as usual but for RTI we are gearing up again for another quarter and like I have said before this will be a very busy time for me.

I guess my Sister Kim has ordered a few iPhones, the jet black ones that they are pushing the delivery date back to December for and hers are on their way. Michelle and I ordered a couple but not the black ones, they are not scheduled to ship for another month though. I anticipate getting them much sooner though, they always leave themselves a large window to exceed expectations when they are shipped.

I guess Soda Stream is going back to their original formula and flavors, last year they changed the formula, but the servings per container in half and even raised the price no longer making it anywhere near feasible to use their product. Sorry guys, you guys are a few dollars short and way too late on doing this. My guess is the majority of the market they once enjoyed is now gone as most retailers aren't stocking their product like they once did. I enjoyed them while I used them, but mine sits under the shelf now as it got pretty expensive.

Have yourselves a great day today as I start this long stretch.

Hi ho hi ho

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