Sunday, September 18, 2016

Back in Baltimore and Debarkation

As Michelle and I embark upon our fifth Cruise and enjoy our vacation, I will also be taking a little break as a blogger and writing some pre-written canned blogs. You can check more of what we are into on mine or Michelle's Facebook Page.

You can follow us on either the Front Web Cam, the Aft Webcam or just simply be tracking our location.

Well today is the day that we say goodbye to the big red fin that we have come to love so much. It's a day for us to debark off the ship and get in Pearl and jump on the interstate and head back to the Mountains of West Virginia. This concludes mine and Michelle's fifth cruise giving us 35 days sailed at sea so far.

By the time this posts we will be back in the Bay and I will have cell phone reception for the first time since last Sunday evening. Hopefully you have enjoyed the pictures that we have shared on Facebook with everyone and enjoyed our vacation with us.

Take Me Home Country Roads.

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