Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well Monday is done and we are now looking towards a better Tuesday, I still can't think of a better reason to do a tidbits other than if my long lost brother would show up in my DNA results.

* It has been 19,259 days since I first set foot on this planet, now using my math and my new and improved 905 days calendar, which I should trademark™, that makes me just 21 years old.

* 4,482 day ago I fulfilled a lifetime dream and graduated from West Virginia University, my hometown University and Alma Mater. I think the students are finally learning where to go and how to get around town.

* 3,082 days ago I was fortunate enough to take a very special lady out for a night on the town, we did Pizza and a movie that was horrible and that was the start of the rest of my life.

* 2,306 days ago I proposed marriage to Michelle, I had made her wait until a certain number of days, but she knew it was coming and said yes.

* 1,844 days ago in front of our closest friends and family at the Marilla Center, Michelle and I exchanged our marital vows and became husband and wife. It was the most special day of my life and the one that I hold dearest to my heart.

* I have around 5,578 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred here or there depending on how I feel.

* We are 2,216 days away from the Backyard Brawl being renewed when WVU and Pitt will once again take the field and the Mountaineers will once again whip that pathetic ACC rear end into the ground. Panther meat for sale the next day.

* There are 348 days to go until Michelle and my sixth Wedding Anniversary.

* My nephew Calvin and his GF Jeanetta will be getting married in 305 days from now. They have their wedding website up and running and are doing all kinds of planning.

* My favorite season of the year is Spring, which were are just a mere 209 days away from =)

* Phil the Groundhog takes center stage in 163 more days where he will predict our next 6 weeks worth of weather. Phil is my buddy and once again will not disappoint me, I have faith.,

* My Goodbye 2016 blog where I relive everything that was posted in my blog over the last year will appear here in just 130 more days.

* I still haven't seen WalMart put up Christmas stuff just yet, but it's getting closer as there are only 124 more days to go until Christmas. I say give it until next weekend and we'll start seeing it.

* The next anniversary of my 21st Birthday will be in just another 100 more days.

* We tried to make it to the Springs Festival last year but the weather was not cooperative, we'll try it again in 46 more days. It's a great place to go and see if you have never been there.

* Our fifth Sea Cruise will take place in 19 more days when we set sail out of Baltimore once again. Everything is already booked, paid for including out hotel room and we're just counting the days down until we head east. Here is the AFT Deck cam of what is going on right now. I need to start writing my absentee blogs.

* The WVU Football team will take the field and open their 2016 campaign in 11 more days when they take on Missouri. I'm anticipating a good season this year, my expectations are actually a little higher than in years past.

* We are 0 days away from all of us Parrot Heads uniting once again in Pittsburgh, yeppers, that it TODAY!!!!!!! Fins Up!!!!!!!!!

* This is my 4,573rd blog that I have written for George's Journal. I'm going on 12 years as a blogger here in about another month. Amazing me trying something out has turned into 12 years of my life.

* The Hall Family Tree is still up and running with 370 members in the database and that will continue to grow this fall. I've added the DNA .GED file, so we'll see if that generates any information.

* The results are back for the brother search, here are my ethnicity results from the test. The closest relative that I have is a second cousin by the last name of Greer. I've sent a correspondence to the administrator of that site in hopes that it leads to something.

* I still think down the road I would like to assemble a few people for a team to take on the Morgantown Escape Room. The cost is $25 per person and to have an intuitive mind that can help with the solution. I'm starting to ask around and getting a pretty good response for that. I'm thinking sometime after our cruise.

* I still have to write all my blogs for the cruise. I pre-write them for when we are gone so as to post as we are on vacation. I'm slacking this year and have not started yet.

* Don't forget that the Butterfly and lantern release for Johnny Koon is this Saturday evening.

* Brittany has put together a August/September family get together still. A kickball game at one of the little league fields at Marilla. I think this would be a lot of fun and everyone would have a great time.

* Fins Up!!!!!!!

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