Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hump Day

Two days down, two more after today at my regular job plus Saturday, so all I have to do is get up and over this dreaded noon time hump today and it will all be downhill working towards another fun filled weekend.

Well today is the actual first day of classes here in Morgantown for WVU. The students will start another year today which means football season is right around the corner. My town I believe is officially back to oh no mode for traffic as everyone is back now including anyone who was waiting for the last minute to come back. They are officially back.

Well we have finally unloaded all of those extra Jimmy Buffett tickets and recouped our cost. It's money we have been planning on using on our cruise and things just did not work out as they have in years past as our tailgating friends have separated as a couple. I hope they get back together some day, I thought they made a great couple, but to each their own. All I know is I will not be fronting anyone's tickets anymore unless I have the money up front.

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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