Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit yet once again on a quiet Saturday morning, I am once again the first one to recover from a losing battle with that dreaded Sandman last night and I'm up collecting my thoughts for the day. Noise is playing on the TV behind me and that is the best I can describe it as I have no idea what is playing.

I'll be heading to Fairmont this morning to do a little bit of work for RTI, we're just trying to close out this quarter. I have spoken with Michelle and I think that she is going to go with me this January to St. Louis. We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency as I get re-certified for 2017. This will be the first trip for either of us to Missouri.

If you have a few extra coins in your pocket and would like to make a quality donation to something very worthwhile or just looking for something majestic to look at, come to Wesmon Park in Westover this evening at 6:30 for the Johnny Koon Brain Tumor Research Fund at WVU Children's Hospital's Light Up The Night Lantern and Butterfly Release. Lanterns and Butterflys are just $5.00 each and all the proceeds go to a very worth while charity. Last year was the first year that I went and I'm going once again this year. Come one Come all and make a difference in Brain Tumor Research.

This coming week will be mine and Michelle's last full week of work for a while, we'll be heading to Baltimore in two weeks for vacation, I finally have all of my vacation blogs written and ready to go. This blogger is ready for a vacation.

Have yourselves a great day today, come donate to a worthy cause.

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